10 Most Amazing Industrial Machines in the World

10 Most Amazing Industrial Machines in the World

In 1970 a machine similar to the Top 10 was used, along with three more, to build a V-type watertight channel for drinking water in

Rio Negro, Argentina, with a span of 5m, a depth of

4 meters and a depth of 2.5 meters at its base. Its length was around 150 km. ,

the introduction takes place in POMONA and ends in SAN ANTONIO OESTE.

The last two machines were responsible for cementing and leveling the walls,

US origin machines, APPLICABLE ANEKDOTE, two technicians (USA) produced

70 linear meters per day, their contracts expired shortly after work, the continuity corresponded to

Argentine technicians. He came to build 200 linear meters a day 50 years ago, what big guys and what pride we shared a big job.

When you say in the title of the top that it is a demolition machine it is not necessary that right after you say that it is a demolition machine,

I think it is already clear with once