The dyno can be adjusted to suit different wheelbases, and with maximum braking power of 1,609 hp per roller, speeds of almost 300 mph can be simulated. At such speeds, a car would be faced with a lot of high-speed wind. As a result, the dyno also features a huge fan with a rotor measuring 6.33 feet in diameter. It’s able to shift approximately 10.5 million cubic feet of air per hour.Unveiled in 2021, the Chiron Super Sport is the speed-limited version of the Chiron Super Sport 300+ which in 2019 managed to hit 304.773 mph at Volkswagen Group’s Ehra Lessien test track in Germany. The Chiron Super Sport’s top speed is capped at 273 mph, and compared to the 300+ version, the car also features added luxury and a more forgiving chassis. Production of the Chiron Super Sport started at Bugatti’s Molsheim plant in France in April. The original price for one was set at 3.2 million euros (approximately $3.36 million).