1931 Auburn 8-98 A on Jay Leno’s Garage

Under the long hood is a 98-hp straight-8 engine (hence the 8-98 name) supplied by Lycoming, which required a 17-man-hour carburetor rebuild to get running again, Johnson said.

Auburn is probably best know for its stylish Boattail Speedsters, but this car is a more conservatively styled sedan. It’s also fairly basic by Auburn standards, Johnson said. But that might make it rarer today, as fewer people thought to save these more average cars, Leno noted.

Johnson has no plans to restore the Auburn, saying it already gets more attention than restored versions at car shows thanks to its originality. He says the car is mechanically sound, anyway. The obvious signs of wear, such as the chipping paint, are largely cosmetic. Watch the full video for more details on this rare survivor.