10 Extreme Big Engines Starting Up

10 Extreme Big Engines Starting Up

General Electric uses local innovation and workforce to move Turkey forward in aviation and to produce aircraft engines to power its aircraft.

Nearly 400 talented Turkish engineers who carry out R&D studies at the Turkey Technology Center in Gebze to ensure the continuous, trouble-free and safe operation of GE aircraft engines are of great importance for both GE customers and local innovation. The center, which is a partnership between GE and Tusas Motor Sanayii (TEI) in the fields of R&D, design and development of new aircraft engine technologies,production and service technologies and software, has invested more than 10 million dollars and 5 million hours of engineering has been implemented to date. The work is also part of GE’s commitment to infrastructure development, knowledge sharing and promoting local research in Turkey.

The center, which focuses on the design and technology development of GE Aviation’s commercial and military aircraft, ship and industrial engines, contributes to new designs and technologies used in aircraft around the world flying engines manufactured by GE and its joint venture company CFM International.

Teams working on production and software technologies for use in the supply chain combine and analyze industrial internet applications and the operation data of workshops around the world.

It develops additive manufacturing technologies with different materials to produce complex parts using fewer components.