We’ve been showcasing the builds from the Bob Guynes Collection recently sold at the 2022 Mecum Las Vegas motorcycle auction.  Born in 1937, Boris “Bob” Guynes was an Army veteran, racer, and fabricator who created some of the neatest salt racers in land-speed history.

So far, we’ve featured his twin CB750 “Anti-Christ,” his twin 305 “Two For The Salt,” and his supercharged, NOS-injected CB500 “Hog Catcher.” Today, we’re excited to present another one of his twin-engine creations, “Salt Shaker VII.” This straight-line beast is powered by a pair of Honda CL450 DOHC twin-cylinder engines, each rated at 43 horsepower in stock trim. According to Mecum:

“The parallel-twin was the first regular production DOHC engine in the Honda lineup, and its unique torsion-spring valvetrain was a radical departure from conventional British pushrod designs. With dual constant-velocity carburetors adapted from the Honda S600 sports car, the innovative engine was factory rated for 43 HP at 8,500 RPM. The CL450 Scrambler shared the parallel-twin with the road-going CB450 Super Sport, also known as the Black Bomber.”

In order to conjoin the two engines, Guynes used a crank-to-crank chain drive setup similar to that on “Two For The Salt“:

“The front engine’s transmission was removed, and the conjoined twins share power through a crankshaft-to-crankshaft chain drive. The rear engine kept its transmission and clutch for the final drive. Custom side covers and motor plates keep the engines lined up.” —Mecum

A quartet of Keihin carburetors with velocity stacks feed the engines, while a double 2-into-2 exhaust lets them breathe. The long wheelbase helps straight-line stability at twin-engine speed. We especially love the twin gas cylinders repurposed as fuel tanks, as well as the custom control panel full of toggle switches and gauges reminiscent of something from Mad Max or a vintage fighter plane.

“Guynes was known as much for building record-setting land speed racers as he was for dismantling them after the race and repurposing the parts and pieces into yet another creation. As a result, the Salt Shaker VII wears a collection of signatures and clues to its Bonneville and El Mirage land speed racing heritage.”

If anyone has specifics on how fast this double 450 speeder ran at Bonneville or El Mirage, we’d love to hear!


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