1954 Chevrolet Corvette on Jay Leno’s Garage

Before he could even think about details like that, though, McCluskey had to counteract decades of decay. The car had been sitting in a fellow Corvette enthusiast’s backyard for 35 years, and required a three-year restoration to get it to its current condition. At least the Corvette has a fiberglass body, which can weather the elements better than steel.

Speaking of fiberglass, the 1954 cars used a higher grade of the material than their predecessors, McCluskey noted. The essentially hand-made 1953 models used fiberglass cloth that showed through the paint, while 1954 models have a smoother finish closer to conventional sheet metal.

For much of the second half of the video Leno takes the car for a drive. You can really hear the putter of the engine that wouldn’t inspire any sports car enthusiast. Watch the full video for more cool details of this meticulously restored Corvette. And if you like what you see, note that it’s for sale.