Pulsar NS200 Scrambler by Tokwa Party Garage

Pulsar NS200 Scrambler by Tokwa Party Garage

Tokwa Party Garage from Philippines are some of the most consistent bike builders whose work can be categorised as crafted art.

They have now build a scrambler from Pulsar NS 200. They have used custom parts which are matching with the fuel tank color.

They have used a scrambler type short fender which is raised high from the tyres. Round LED headlights with black cover makes it more lively. Small visor above the headlight gives it a fighter look which can takes on every road with help of the off roading tyres. Clip on Handlebar is used.

Seat is got the red covering with the ribbed design on front and simple on back. Small LED strip at the back for the indication of Brakes. They have used a custom exhaust raised over the rear tyre beneath the seat. Rear fender is also attached to the seat.

There is a protection panel added on the lower part of the engine. The metallic finish on every part make the bike more worthy.

If you are interested in the bike then you can contact Tokwa Party Garage through their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/tokwapartygarage/