Extreme Dangerous Biggest Bulldozer Operator Skills

Comment:  Never amazes how talented some people are and blow it having a machine as not intended that’s impressive on the low..
Comment:  I ran a d10t d11r with coal blades for 11 years on stockpiles. Pushing 2100 to 2400tph… now I’m in a open pit mine pushing rock with a 8t and 9t. I miss my coal days
Comment:  Apparently the guys on top of the hill were impressed.  Wow climbed a hill with a dozer, a child could do that it’s called moving forward.
Comment:  I like how the guy in the grader is pulling handles left and right acting like it’s hard to keep it in that position when really the blade is just holding it there and requires no real input.
Comment:  …all the while the grader was up on its side goofing off, the oil sump was starving for oil because it was all to one side of the pan. He shortened the engine life with that stunt.
Comment:  We need earth movers to shape in land for water transport of small boats and larger boats in one side of the island for cargo  logistics of trucks.
Comment:  We need hurricane infrastructure by hospitals and emergency sectors next to national guard or important infrastructure.
Comment:  I have never seen so many so called operators running very expensive equipment and don’t how to decelerate the engine when they switch from forward to reverse. Hard on a transmission. If that was my equipment, their ass would be on a shovel. PERIOD

3:06 That’s an awesome trick on the grader!! LOL!!!
3:24 The most skilled operator in the workd
6:18 D9 is stopped by the boulder, yet 1200 ton megalithic stones were moved miles, without a tractor.
7:05 true artist at work…..astounding. Somebody else could have done it faster, maybe with a bigger machine, but I tips me hat to that guy. And I think ….no know…no blade tilt. Just skilz

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