The Most Advanced Tow Trucks ▶ Knuckle Boom Cranes

The Most Advanced Tow Trucks you have to see ▶ Knuckle Boom Cranes

That semi picked up on its side must have been a practice setup. Still good. Impressive gear. There isn’t a Peterbilt Century M100 there have only been 3 made. The First Century M100 was a Kenworth W900. The Second and Third Century M100 were both Kenworth C500. Also, I would love to see an M100 On A C500W Single Steer Tri-Drive Chassis With A Sleeper Cab, A Knee Boom Under Lift, And Some Other Customizations That Would Be An Amazing Truck. Bit of a jazzy video, I would have preferred more time spent with each type rather than the chopping and changing. However an interesting look at modern recovery trucks, I drove a 6 wheeled Scammell ! In the early 1970’s.

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