Fendt 1050 vs 560RT John Deere (See Description for details)

Fendt 1050 vs 560RT John Deere (See Description for details)

The emphasis is on the adoption of mechanized techniques in farming systems which are already using animal draft. The issues surrounding the introduction of animal draft where only hand cultivation is practiced are discussed in Pingali, Bigot, and Binswanger (1985). Instead of a summary or conclusions, a set of generalizations is presented in the text.

Fendt 1050 with 750 triples! Fendt Weighing in at 52,500lbs John Deere 560R weighing in at 59100lbs. Again, this is not a tractor to tractor comparison, this is just having some fun. ‍

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Such machinery has facilitated the full or partial replacement of human- and animal-powered equipment in developed countries and increasingly in developing countries as well. The net result has been higher productivity and the welcome elimination of much of the drudgery of manual farm labor.

For example, one person involved in agricultural production can now provide enough food and fiber for 128 others whereas only a century ago one person could provide food and fiber for only eight others (see also, Technology and Power in Agriculture).