British armored vehicles spotted in Ukraine

British armored vehicles spotted in Ukraine

Videos have surfaced online reportedly showing UK-made armored vehicles in service of the Ukrainian Armed forces donated by the British government to fight Russian troops.

Several videos, which were posted on social media, show a recently arrived in Ukraine Husky tactical support vehicle and Wolfhound heavily armoured patrol vehicle.

UK Defence Minister Jeremy Quin has previously highlighted the delivery of Wolfhounds, which help to protect troops while they carry out patrols in high-risk areas, alongside Stormer vehicles fitted with Starstreak launchers.

According to some reports, like one from The Sun, Britain has agreed to send at least 120 armored vehicles to Ukraine for the war effort.

Eighty of them are the Mastiff, Husky and Wolfhound protected mobility vehicles.

The Mastiff and Wolfhound is a heavily armoured, 6 x six-wheel-drive patrol vehicle which carries eight troops, plus two crew. It is currently on its third variation.

Husky TSV is an all-terrain armored vehicle that can assist infantry, marines, and special forces. Depending on its configuration, it can transport between four and eight people. Husky TSV can be armed with a 12.7mm machine gun as well as a remote-controlled weapon system.