UK deploys Sky Sabre air defense system to Poland

UK deploys Sky Sabre air defense system to Poland

Polish Defence Minister Mariusz Blaszczak confirmed Thursday that the British Sky Sabre air defense system has already arrived in Poland.

“The British Sky Sabre Air Defence System is already in our country to guarantee the safety of the Polish air space,” Blaszczak said.

The UK has deployed a Sky Sabres to Poland and 100 personnel in response to the Polish Government’s request.

According to the British military, having arrived in Poland several weeks ago, 11 (Sphinx) Battery Royal Artillery hones its skills and prepare to help protect Polish airspace from any further aggression of Russia.

Image by the16 Regiment Royal Artillery

The MBDA-developed Sky Sabre system has unprecedented speed, accuracy, performance and target acquisition, which will significantly enhance Poland’s air defenses. It comprises the Sky Sabre missile alongside a Saab-built Giraffe agile, multi-beam surveillance radar and Rafael command-and-control equipment.

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