US Army uses fake Russian personnel carriers

US Army uses fake Russian personnel carriers

The Arizona Army National Guard Soldiers are using kits to turn its Humvees into Russian BTR-90 personnel carriers during Exportable Combat Training Capability program at Camp Roberts, California.

According to a recent press release from Army, Soldiers assigned to 1st Battalion, 158th Infantry Regiment, 29th IBCT are using its Humvee series vehicle modified to resemble Russian-made BTR-90 personnel carriers.

Russian-looking Humvees were equipped with visual modification kits which consist of lightweight framing holding fabric coverings and inflatable features that mimic the visual signature and silhouette of the BTR-90. Such kits on Humvees are more cost-effective than similar on Abrams tanks or Bradley fighting vehicles.

The kits serve as a cost-effective alternative to actual combat vehicles and feature gas-operated weapon systems, MILES gear along with a smoke generator.

Photo by Casandra Ancheta

The weapon systems can replicate the firing of .50-calibre guns and grenade launchers.

These vehicles are fully compatible with the Army’s Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System, or MILES. This is a family of training devices that attach to various vehicles and weapon systems that allow for troops to “fire” at each other and register “hits” and “kills” during exercises.

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