122mm RM-70 rockets and 152mm DANA already fighting in Ukraine

122mm RM-70 rockets and 152mm DANA already fighting in Ukraine

KYIV, ($1=29.71 Ukrainian Hryvnias) — Videos of the 122mm RM-70 missile system and the 152mm DANA self-propelled howitzer are already circulating among Ukrainians, claiming that the two artillery weapons systems are already on Ukrainian territory and taking part in the battle against the Russian invasion.

The 122 mm RM-70 multiple rocket launcher was developed in Czechoslovakia. It was produced from 1971-to 89. It has been in operation since 1972. It is produced at the plant in Dubnica nad Vahom [Slovakia]. In 2010 he was disarmed by the Czech army. Slovakia continues to release an updated version of the US MLRS.

In fact, it is a copy of the Soviet BM-21 Grad. The Tatra T813 Kolos [8 × 8] is used as a chassis. Unguided missiles used are both Soviet [9M22 and 9M28] and domestic: JROF with a range of 20.75 km; JROF-K with a range of 11 km; Trnovnik with a range of 17.5 km; Kush Krizhna-R with a range of 19,450 m.

The 152 mm DANA self-propelled artillery installation was developed in the late 1970s in former Czechoslovakia, and serial production was established at ZTS Dubnica in Trenčín [present-day Slovakia]. In addition to Czechoslovakia, they were exploited by other countries of the socialist camp – Poland and the USSR, in the latter they were bought for testing, but after their disintegration were discarded. After the break-up of Czechoslovakia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia inherited a significant number of these artillery pieces, which they sold to interested parties.


152 mm DANA uses as a chassis a modified version of the Tatra 813 with an 8 × 8 wheel formula. Power plant – Tatra T2-930, portable ammunition – up to 60 shells, maximum speed on the highway – up to 80 km / h. Wheel 152 mm DANA provides a maximum range of 20 kilometers.

According to media reports, Dana’s self-propelled howitzers came to Ukraine from the Czech Republic.


Source: bulgarianmilitary.com